Welcome to the Jungle, we take it day by day
If you want it you’re gonna bleed but it’s the price you pay
And you’re a very sexy girl who’s very hard to please
You can taste the bright lights but you won’t get them for free ~ Guns & Roses ~
I was on a road to destruction, pure desensitization, and a lustful appetite for money that could NEVER be satisfied!~(SURRENDERED SHOWGIRL)

Day by Day we have a choice. We make the decisions of which environments to place ourselves into, what roads to take, and which paths to ignore. One day I found myself in a very dangerous jungle, an obstacle course in the wilderness actually. One false move, one lie away, too much alcohol, one night of too many drugs, or any significant weight gain could flood the comparisons and become a game changer instantaneously! A jungle of competition, evil intentions, degradation, false illusions…a world of absolute deceit. Buried in the deep trenches of such a jungle causes one to become visually impaired, compromised in hearing, drained and depleted of one’s senses. Thus, caught up in a trap, a snare, so entangled that finding a way out is almost virtually impossible! Captured! Although wicked, the alluring excitement of such a jungle, it’s sights, sounds & atmosphere is sheer trickery and although there is no entry fee the cost to visit it and the cost to escape it is of devastating proportion! The Lights & Glamour, the money made hand over fist all begin to fade as truth and reality sets in. No fantasy and/or monopoly of this magnitude exists for free. Before you click on the computer, enter the doors of the commercial sex industry, or choose illusion over reality, will you consider the cost? Will you research the survival rate of this jungle? Can your marriage survive it? Can your family survive it? Are you sure you can survive and escape it? The truth is NO, you won’t. Nothing about this jungle is free. It will cost you guilt, pain, frustration, shame, depression, anxiety, suspicion, PTSD, financial hardship, and dissatisfaction. It’s a gamble you will never win. Whether choosing to be an employee or a patron, no one exits unaffected. What daily choices will you make? Will they be choices promoting captivity or freedom? It takes a life of the Lion to conquer the jungle. Conform to Him and live in freedom today!