Are you aware of your surroundings? Are you mindful of day to day happenings in the physical world around you? Are you alert to the felt yet unseen spiritual world that wars for your mind and soul every hour, every minute of the day? Are you cognitive that the supernatural realm effects the natural world? We know that our adversary roams around LIKE a roaring lion. But stay alert, on guard, and ready because he is a counterfeit liar and no match for the Lion of Judah, Jesus who lives in Us! When we are alert, we have more knowledge and power to advance the Kingdom!

Example: Distractions and business can dull your senses! Don’t be caught off guard by today’s troubles, set backs, negativity or fiery darts that may come your way. They are a natural illusion that can blind you to what’s at work spiritually!

Healthy Choice: Today I can recognize that most set backs are set ups! I can keep my mind alert to situations as they come, stay in a positive mindset and ask myself, “Why might this be happening at this time”? I can choose to be calm and wait for revelation and unfolding of plans rather than panic or poor coping choices. I can pray for answers!

Diet Tip: Food is Fuel! Boost your Energy and Focus with Blueberries, Dark Chocolate, or Nuts with a cup of Green Tea!

Daily Devotional: Colossians 3:2