Have you ever faced a challenging crossroad? Has that crossroad ever seemed impossible? It appears to be too wide, too deep, too threatening. In our minds we cannot see or envision the other side. Our mental focus can hold us back from stepping out in Faith and creating action that will ultimately bridge the crossroad. Imagine reaching the destination and the journey to the other side was actually easier than your original thoughts and perception!

Example: What if that crossroad looks like a path that leads to a new career, educational degree, weight loss, a health challenge, marriage help, or parenting decisions? What will you do to mentally endure the decision making process and do the work to overcome the crossroad?

Healthy Choice: Today I can focus on preparing a plan of action that I can physically put into practice. I can mentally prepare myself that other people, circumstances, finances, and daily life occurrences may come as distractions or a negative force. I can make up my mind and set my mind on the end goals. I can set up a vision board to focus daily and remind me where my endurance will land on the other side of the crossroad!

Diet Tip: Organic Coffee, Vitamin C, Protein, and Complex Carbs are All Energizers and boost endurance!

Daily Devotional: Philippians 4:13