Have you ever felt strong negative emotions that you chose to avoid and stuff down? Negative emotions can be accepted and in turn become good. When we avoid these emotions there becomes a tendency to reach for poor coping mechanisms that over time can turn into addictions, only to mask pain. In avoiding and doing this you only buy short term dysfunctional comfort and extend long term pain. Thus we have a Battlefield of the Mind. Our emotions are information that lead to thoughts and action.

Example: Emotions can be like weather. Changing rapidly like seasons. Yes, it’s winter, of course it’s snowing! The roads are full of ice and there’s a blizzard advisory on the local news. Will You choose accept that I cannot get my car out of the driveway today and stay home where your safe and warm? Will you choose to walk out, slip on the ice and fall only to end up in the emergency room? Take the car out, get stuck in a dangerous position, or worse-a fatal accident?

Healthy Choice: Today I can choose to think about emotions as they come and accept them as legitimate feelings that I can learn to navigate through and manage. I can take negative emotions and go to the Word of God and look up and compare to what it has to say about that emotion. I can choose to dismantle the negative and apply some positive aspects and decide my best approach to manage safe choices. Today I choose to actively analyze and evaluate my emotions and thought life. I will choose to run my emotions before they run me!

Diet Tip: Emotional eating can allow cravings and unhealthy binging to create havoc on our emotions and weight gain! You can be intentional and choose Mindful eating for your best health yet!

Daily Devotional: 2 Corinthians 10:5