As night falls we drive for hours on the dark city streets, with bright neon lights and signs flashing we are clearly on a mission; a mission of Love and Hope. Our minds and hearts race with the anticipation of all of the awesome God moments and divine appointments that we “know” we are about to encounter. In those moments are genuine and authentic exchanges of unexplainable worth. There are times that I’ve felt a love, appreciation, and thankfulness far greater than I have ever felt in church or in “Christian circles”. I pray that this ministry breaks down barriers and attitudes of religiosity and judgmental spirits and is a true example of “carrying our cross”…..(SURRENDERED SHOWGIRL)

What does it really mean to carry our cross? I believe it starts with the condition of the heart and the passion of which the pursuit is derived. In my case pain positioned me, passion provoked me, and the prize propelled me! True Warriors are formed and fired through a tempering process. They are Made. When the call to carry the cross is resounding, we will pick up our cross, our weapon and move fiercely. A warrior doesn’t carry her weapon in fear and is always poised for a counterattack! She is driven by an internal force ~ a supernatural mandate. Carrying the cross at times can be heavy, lonesome, and hard. Warriors are driven by challenge! A Warrior recovers All~ To a Warrior their are no “untouchables”, anyone bleeding is a man down. Carrying the cross means carrying out the work of Christ which is LOVE. When we carry a weapon, a sword of Love it equals as carrying the light into darkness which as Christians we are all called to do. When our ministry teams hit the streets, we are armed with our weapon, the Cross and Ephesians 6:11~ We have no time to waste with concerns of religiosity, judgmental spirits, or self righteousness. We are each handpicked for a purpose. What is yours? We will continue our fight for Broken Women regardless of voices in the wind and pray that our churches and Christian circles open their arms wider and wider, and expand the Love of the Cross as high as the Sky! It takes a Warrior to take down Goliath, A Fight to the Finish. Are you ready to pick up your Cross, your weapon, and 5 smooth stones? Are you ready to “Do Something” to change the World?
~Dana McCartney-Candillo~