THE SET-UP: He literally begged and pressured me, coercing me with compliments of how beautiful I was and what a “killer body” I had and that I would make “so much money”, assuring me that I would be one of his top earners. He had “accounts” set up……He would not let up with his pressure tactics and manipulation. He had it all planned out….he had a hotel set up…..He just kept on pressuring saying that I would make thousands of dollars…..I got in my old car and set off to follow JT’s instructions. Under his influence and direction, I now feel (at that point) in my life I was being trafficked into the sex industry. (SURRENDERED SHOWGIRL)

As January~~Human Sex Trafficking Awareness month comes to a close many thoughts come to mind. Not many people have full clarity or understanding on what that label actually means or can fathom and grasp it’s harsh realities. One thing is for sure, It IS NOT just happening in other countries…It IS happening in the United States in EVERY zip code! To some it can mean several different things and takes on many forms and layers. It’s many facets are dark, brutal, sinister, and difficult to measure or escape. Statistics claim that it’s entanglement occurs more times than not by baiting and mind control rather than force. Layers of flattery, games, fear, manipulation, domination, degradation, shame, devaluing, lies, false illusions of reality, force, coercion, harassment, drugs and alcohol, bondage tactics , and rape of the soul are all involved realities of this twisted and sick monopoly game. The internet and pornography are fueling the epidemic. It involves predators profiling and victimizing the weak for selfish gain and profit. When we talk about the sex industry as a whole it encompasses various degrees of sexual exploitation and violation. Many victims are lured by false promises only to find it was bait and switch and becomes instantly a battlefield of the mind. Most victims have already been sexually abused and/or abandoned as children. Many endured the hardships of foster care, runaways, horrific home lives, and worse. However a person gets sucked in, once involved it gets darker and darker and becomes total entrapment. What can be done to prevent, help, rescue, and restore? First and Foremost~We begin with FIERCE Prayer. Without Jesus, there is No Real Rescue! * We raise awareness and know what red flags to look for, we educate others. *We need to reach out with a Non-judgmental approach, love and acceptance and LOVE people right where they are at! *We need to resource people. * We need to live in the light, hunt in the dark, and not walk in fear. * We need to answer the call to loving foster homes and provide safety-taking in older children and teens that have already most likely been through unimaginable terrors in their young lives. * We need to advocate for justice * We need to BE THE CHURCH! * We need to support women and help provide tools and teach with love-the Word of God and plant seeds that will result in the PROCESS of a beautiful Transformation and Healing. * We need to commit to the cause of Reaching One and ending the sexual exploitation of women and children in our communities and our nation. **WHAT are you willing to do? Are you willing to take the first step and unite in prayer? Are you willing to get your hands dirty? Will you fight for freedom and  justice? Will you commit to not click?  Will you remain part of the problem or part of the solution? Everyone can DO SOMETHING!