It is up to us to listen and hear. Just then I heard that “still small voice” saying to me, “Get out of here! You do not belong here; this is not for you…Do Not Return”! (SURRENDERED SHOWGIRL)

That Voice…soft, quiet, and still. It is so simple & surreal…dreamlike but so real. If we  position ourselves to hear from Heaven, Jesus surely speaks. His voice is clear & concise and will orchestrate and lead the way. Its tone is peaceful and gentle yet so Powerful and Directive. So many times in my life I was relying on it and did not even know it! If we’ve know Him, He never leaves. Even in the midst of trials, mistakes, poor decisions, times of trouble, and steering off track, He is big enough to keep us! Even then, He is still speaking….it’s up to us to listen. In my most difficult times when I was sinking deeper and deeper that voice was Still there. At times I tried to avoid it, thinking I could figure it all out myself. After all, I was the one running. So Many times just as I was about to make the greatest mistakes and worst decisions that could’ve changed the course of my life Forever…that Voice got louder. It eventually got louder and louder as I was reaching the point of desperation and reached a point in the wall that I could no longer climb. I didn’t need a hand out, I needed a helping hand! That still small voice reached the depths of my soul and extended a hand of Grace that no one else has the capability to offer! It transformed my mind, heart, & soul. It has caused me to chase after the wind to find it. It is a Must Have.  That voice is what is meant & needed to breathe. Without it, who can find real direction or destiny? He will lead us to Purpose. I am always listening for it, now I Know it.  When I stand at the edge of the Ocean, It is Crystal Clear. Who’s voice are you listening to today? Who are you trusting? ~ Dana

Spirit Lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters wherever you will call me . Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my savior. (Oceans, Hillsong)