“In January of 1994, I had just turned twenty four years old when I walked through the doors of Sheffield Family Life Center in Northeast Kansas City for the first time. I had on white jeans, a colorful shirt, big hair, make-up, long red fingernails, and my red stilettos. I hadn’t really been to church in years unless it was on Easter or Christmas service somewhere and that would’ve been rare. The praise & worship music was loud and intense. I remember looking around and there were people with their hands lifted high and tears were flowing. There was POWER in that place! A Presence-the room was filled with the Holy Spirit! I felt like I had ocean waves in my stomach, rushing and rushing; it was electric. I felt something I had never felt before”…….(SURRENDERED SHOWGIRL)

Reflecting back, that was the day that literally changed my life forever. Ordinary days, routine agendas, and patterns of daily life come and go but no time experienced can compete with the matchless worth of a Divine encounter with the One who created it All! Real Life was passing me by as I was only surrendered to myself. So many opportunities knock everyday posing the question, “Will you surrender”?
We are challenged as too what that will look like on a daily basis? Will it be money, prestige, fame? I was entrapped ~ a slave to money, appearances, applause, and a desperate search for real love. Only to find, it can’t be bought, appearances fade, and the search on our own is never satisfied. Many times we find ourselves in the pools of pain. When the pain is so great~We are motivated to create change~It is no longer negotiable~We will pursue Relentlessly! The real question is “Do you want to be made well”? To be made whole and well requires a life laid down, a full surrender. It’s not easy, it costs, and almost always is a process. It is a learning process of dying to self and being made new. A life surrendered to the Lord is assured to be extraordinary and last forever! In 1994, I let go of myself, the stage & mirrors, the money, the show was over, and surrendered it all to Him who hung on the cross and paid the greatest sacrifice. The electric powerful presence still amazes me today and confirms to me that the stage is set for a beautiful exchange in eternity, a crown of grace. “What are you willing to surrender”? “Are you ready to pick up your mat and be made well”? Today is your Day!
Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!