In closing, may I say to the church, the Body of Christ-there are many seeds of greatness sitting in congregations today just waiting to be lifted and called forth. We can never judge a book by the cover or know who we are speaking to or what soil our words are falling on. We must be the hands and feet of Jesus and extend grace and mercy to people and love them right where they are.  (SURRENDERED SHOWGIRL)

There are some shoes you will never walk in, want to walk in, or be forced to walk in. Some shoes are high and  glamourized, uncomfortable and very hard to walk in, and they hurt! They can hurt in more ways than one. They may have been handed down, selected for you, fitted for you, bought for you or thought to be so beautiful that you put them on yourself, never realizing the price tag that was attached to them.  Later to find they were way too expensive, costly, and hurt to the point of damaging your feet and your walk…..there’s no way to really run in them!  Whatever the many reasons were that you ended up wearing them-sometimes they’re awful hard to take off and let go of…sometimes you refuse to take them off because they have an emotional attachment. Let’s face it, women love shoes! They say, “When the shoe fits, wear it”! Sometimes we will  wear those shoes until we can no longer bare it, until the heels are falling apart, straps worn out, and our feet aching beyond belief! We become dependant on them, not knowing that another style may look, feel, and fit so much better. Can you stop and think what shoes you were wearing before these were placed on your feet? What was your walk like before? Were there seeds deposited in your life before you put your high-priced stilettos on and walked away? Can you slow down your pace or will  you fall hard on your knees? Some shoes were only designed for appearances and are best to remain on the shelf!

One thing is for sure, it’s not certain what  the reason for the choice of the shoes ever was but there is Always a Why behind the What! We cannot judge people for where/how they are walking in life…we don’t know what’s behind the shoes. It’s most likely shame, pain, abuse, trauma, single parenthood,  drugs, and possible force. If her shoes carry her into the church, will you judge by the style or will you see beyond the cracked heels and worn out leather to call out the seeds of greatness, plant deeper seeds and cultivate the soil? Will you frown, judge, and turn her away?…If so there’s a high likelihood she will eventually  burn out and be at risk–  she may fall prey to trafficking in the hands of a pimp. Will you choose to LOVE her right were she is at? Who knows, she may trade in her stilettos for a great pair of running shoes! She may decide to run for God! She may just be the next Stripper to Saint! ~Dana~