I was there with all the other eight year olds and felt like I just wasn’t normal and did not fit in anywhere. Something was just wrong with me…..(SURRENDERED SHOWGIRL)

The struggle was and is misidentification. I think Mary Magdalene could relate! She was a Woman and traveled with Jesus as one of His followers. She was a prominent figure…..Luke 8:1-3 (The Message) says: He continued according to plan, traveled to town after town, spreading the Message. The Twelve were with him. There were also some women in their company who had been healed of various evil afflictions and illnesses: Mary, the one called Magdalene, from whom seven demons had gone out; Joanna, wife of Chuza, Herod’s manager; Susanna–along with many others who used their considerable means to provide for the company. She supported His ministry! It is stated that within the four gospels she is named at least 12 times-more than most apostles! (Encyclopedia) She was present at the crucifixion and the resurrection. She was Brave, Bold, and Courageous. She was the first person to see Jesus after the resurrection. Yet, her identity was shaped as a “loose woman”, a prostitute and wasn’t until later became transformed and known to be a Saint, a Heroine in the Faith. She was a “Misfit”, a “Box Breaker”! She was unusual, uncommon, and unique. She was talked about, whispered about, and condemned as she broke the box of expensive oils/perfume and anointed the feet of Jesus. She didn’t care about the onlookers.  She let go of all of her wicked ways, followed Him, and walked right into her purpose! It takes Big shoes to walk where Mary walked and ignore the voices of judges who were living as hypocrites, self-serving, full of pride, fear, and wrong believing….Fearful people are intimidated by what they do not understand and do not care to learn. This is still happening in churches and in the world today. What are you willing to learn? What will you allow your heart to comprehend? Where and How far will you walk to accompany Jesus?~Dana