“He had an extraordinary plan that one day He would allow me to recognize as He revealed it. A mighty plan to be a bridge over and across a great divide. A bridge that troubled water could become calm and flow into a river of peace. A bridge set apart with a divine destiny and purpose”……(SURRENDERED SHOWGIRL)

What does it mean to become a bridge, to stand in the gap? What does it mean to be a “Gap Leader”? Perhaps you may say it means an outstretched arm, a welcoming invitation, or  an extension of direction. What if that’s not enough? What if standing in the gap actually means becoming like a bridge, becoming Love in Action? Love in action would actually look like visualizing the issue or the problem and deciding to “do something” about it! It is not enough to see it, pass by, and/or ignore it. A Gap Leader would let down the draw bridge, walk over it herself, get her hands dirty, take action, confront the circumstance, love, rescue and lead the person across the great divide where peace abides and destiny awaits. I am reminded of the Good Samaritan . I would definitely consider him to be a Gap Leader. As the others all passed by the beaten and rejected man (Luke 10:30), they just kept walking by. They saw the situation, a person hurt, broken, lost, and in great need but had no intention of getting involved or correcting the injustice. However, as the Good Samaritan strolled by…at one glance he took pity, was moved by compassion and decided to be the bridge-the gap and decided to take action. His actions involved Love and Mercy. He helped the person across the bridge to safety and to be made well.  The actions of the leader stood as a great example and model of sacrifice. Sometimes love in action requires a risk, people talking, embarrassment, and becoming a target. When we step out on faith to “do something” great, something that could change the world, it is not always easily accepted. I have found that it is greater to walk in Love, destiny, and purpose than to remain in my seat, watch the injustices, visualize the troubled water and sit back or walk by and do nothing. What will it take to cause you to rise up, stand in the gap, get your hands dirty, and set forth in motion Love in Action? What will it take to propel you to another level and fill in some gaps for the sake of the Savior? He is our example~ Love in Action!