Dose: #22 Mental Alertness

Are you aware of your surroundings? Are you mindful of day to day happenings in the physical world around you? Are you alert to the felt yet unseen spiritual world that wars for your mind and soul every hour, every minute of the day? Are you cognitive that the supernatural realm effects the natural world? We know that our adversary roams around LIKE a roaring lion. But stay alert, on guard, and ready because he is a counterfeit liar and no match for the Lion of Judah, Jesus who lives in Us! When we are alert, we have more knowledge and power to advance the Kingdom!

Example: Distractions and business can dull your senses! Don’t be caught off guard by today’s troubles, set backs, negativity or fiery darts that may come your way. They are a natural illusion that can blind you to what’s at work spiritually!

Healthy Choice: Today I can recognize that most set backs are set ups! I can keep my mind alert to situations as they come, stay in a positive mindset and ask myself, “Why might this be happening at this time”? I can choose to be calm and wait for revelation and unfolding of plans rather than panic or poor coping choices. I can pray for answers!

Diet Tip: Food is Fuel! Boost your Energy and Focus with Blueberries, Dark Chocolate, or Nuts with a cup of Green Tea!

Daily Devotional: Colossians 3:2

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Dose: #21 Emotional Acceptance

Have you ever felt strong negative emotions that you chose to avoid and stuff down? Negative emotions can be accepted and in turn become good. When we avoid these emotions there becomes a tendency to reach for poor coping mechanisms that over time can turn into addictions, only to mask pain. In avoiding and doing this you only buy short term dysfunctional comfort and extend long term pain. Thus we have a Battlefield of the Mind. Our emotions are information that lead to thoughts and action.

Example: Emotions can be like weather. Changing rapidly like seasons. Yes, it’s winter, of course it’s snowing! The roads are full of ice and there’s a blizzard advisory on the local news. Will You choose accept that I cannot get my car out of the driveway today and stay home where your safe and warm? Will you choose to walk out, slip on the ice and fall only to end up in the emergency room? Take the car out, get stuck in a dangerous position, or worse-a fatal accident?

Healthy Choice: Today I can choose to think about emotions as they come and accept them as legitimate feelings that I can learn to navigate through and manage. I can take negative emotions and go to the Word of God and look up and compare to what it has to say about that emotion. I can choose to dismantle the negative and apply some positive aspects and decide my best approach to manage safe choices. Today I choose to actively analyze and evaluate my emotions and thought life. I will choose to run my emotions before they run me!

Diet Tip: Emotional eating can allow cravings and unhealthy binging to create havoc on our emotions and weight gain! You can be intentional and choose Mindful eating for your best health yet!

Daily Devotional: 2 Corinthians 10:5

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Dose: #20 Spiritual Security

What if tomorrow were your last day on earth? Would you feel Fear for your eternal security or Peace? Have you surrendered your heart and life to Jesus, who holds the keys to life and heaven? When we have spiritual security in HIM, everything here in our daily walk changes. Why? Because Intimacy with the Holy Spirit creates spiritual security and that in turn begins to reflect in the Fruit we bare.

Example: Spiritual Fruit is growth that proves we are connected to the vine!

Fruit of the spirit is Impossible without connection and intimacy. True Fruit of the Spirit is revealed in our actions as: Love, Joy, Peace, Forbearance, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control. As this continues to produce and grow our faith is built and spiritual security abides.

Healthy Choice: Today, I will search my heart and decide whom I will serve. I know I cannot serve two masters. I will choose to fully surrender to the Lord, Jesus Christ. I can begin studying the Word and applying it to my life. I will find a home church and teach my children, as well lead others to the Lord. When fear comes my way I will overturn it by quoting scriptures that bring security.

Diet Tip: Daily Bread (the Word of God) will fill you to overflowing satisfaction and security.

Daily Devotional: Galatians 5:22-23

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Dose: #19 Physical Stamina

What does it mean to physically stand with Staying Power? When the storms of life come, what does it take to stand firm with physical strength in a turbulent climate? It not only requires physical exercise but putting on the proper attire. Good survival skills are a must! Proper training for staying power should be practiced and put in place long before the atmosphere changes! Physical stamina can pull from our mental, emotional, and spiritual reserves.

Example: a winter storm can come in the form of a death, a job loss, a prodigal child, a physical impairment, or a traumatic tragedy.

Healthy Choice: I can make decisions today to build my physical stamina so that when a storm arrives, I will not fall. I will prepare myself in the Word that gives me full instruction on strength and stamina. I will develop a diet and exercise program that is most beneficial and unique to me. I can mentally role play scenarios and develop my desired responses and outcomes. I know that my holistic preparation will prompt and aide my physical reactions and overall stamina.

Diet Tip: Leafy greens, peanut butter, and fish are great sources for building stamina.

Daily Devotional: Ephesians 6:11

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Dose: #18 Mental Endurance

Have you ever faced a challenging crossroad? Has that crossroad ever seemed impossible? It appears to be too wide, too deep, too threatening. In our minds we cannot see or envision the other side. Our mental focus can hold us back from stepping out in Faith and creating action that will ultimately bridge the crossroad. Imagine reaching the destination and the journey to the other side was actually easier than your original thoughts and perception!

Example: What if that crossroad looks like a path that leads to a new career, educational degree, weight loss, a health challenge, marriage help, or parenting decisions? What will you do to mentally endure the decision making process and do the work to overcome the crossroad?

Healthy Choice: Today I can focus on preparing a plan of action that I can physically put into practice. I can mentally prepare myself that other people, circumstances, finances, and daily life occurrences may come as distractions or a negative force. I can make up my mind and set my mind on the end goals. I can set up a vision board to focus daily and remind me where my endurance will land on the other side of the crossroad!

Diet Tip: Organic Coffee, Vitamin C, Protein, and Complex Carbs are All Energizers and boost endurance!

Daily Devotional: Philippians 4:13

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Dose: #17 Emotional Rest

Do you ever feel like life is throwing curve balls, multiple things coming at you at once and you find yourself trying to dodge being knocked down? It happens in many forms. With so much happening in the world today, it’s even easy to get emotionally invested in the chaos from television, social media, & radio! If you allow your emotions to be overly engaged and heightened for long periods of time it can begin to affect you physically. The mind is powerful.

Example: A Heated Election, Ongoing debates and Moral issues. Maintaining your focus for weeks after weeks can get your emotions spinning to the point that your blood pressure rises! The same with sports games; wins and losses. Though being engaged in important or fun matters may be great in the beginning, when it actually starts to negatively effect you; it may be time to refocus on some other areas.

Healthy Choice: I know that allowing my emotions to stay in fight or flight mode with adrenaline rushing is not good for my health. When I notice feeling angry, upset, discouraged and sad for a lengthy period of time I will choose to recognize this and refocus my mind. I can take a break from social media and too many phone calls, people and turn off the TV/radio. It’s ok to shut off all the noise. I will disengage and rest in silence for periods of time and give myself resting time to think in peace.

Diet Tip: Chamomile Tea and Honey can help with tranquility and aide in rest and peaceful sleep.

Daily Devotional: Phil. 4:6 John 14:27 Eccl. 4:6

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Dose #16: Spiritual Leaning

Leaning into the Word means to have a positioned posture to receive, accept and ultimately apply the learned material and/or revelation to your daily life and walk with Christ. Leaning into a message, spoken word and focusing on what is meant specifically for you has the ability to transform your heart and mind. Transformation is a process and like the caterpillar you can be wrapped up in the dark, growing weight and wings, and as the light cracks metamorphosis has taken place. As this process is matured the decision to continue absorbing the nutritional value of the cocoon and acknowledge the new strength of our wings will determine how high we’re willing to fly!

Example: How much you pay attention to what is being said and the message being delivered depends on your hunger for growth. How much you desire to read scripture and inspirational books may notate your spiritual thirst. How you choose to spend your time can reveal your desires.

Healthy Choice: Today I will evaluate what I choose to lean into. I will pay attention and take note of whose voice I’m listening to and what I allow in through TV, radio, and social media. I can create a list of daily activities and choose options to lean into that are valuable, nutritional, and satisfying to me. I will feed my spiritual hunger and thirst. I will grow and Fly!

Diet Tip: What you are hungering and thirsting for physically can reveal a deficiency in certain vitamins and nutrients.

Daily Devotional: Matthew 5:6 Hebrews 10:25 Proverbs 3:5

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Dose #15: Physical Well-Being

Did you know that changes in your day to day routine, regular time away, vacation, and time alone-sabbaticals can strengthen you physically? When the mind is overloaded and stressed it is simply a matter of time before the body feels the effects. If you’re in constant fight or flight mode, the cardiovascular system, nervous system and sleep cycle are in a race, and will wear and tear on the body.
Did you know that standing at the edge of the ocean can have holistic healing effects to your well/being? When we find peace; body, soul, & spirit relaxes. We must listen to our bodies and learn when to take a break!

Example: A week long time out with a change of scenery and fun and interesting things to do can break the stress cycle, slow you down and give time to recharge for upcoming events and big decisions that may be weighing you down.

Healthy Choice: Today I can take a few moments and create a list of things to do or places to visit in this season that can help me find peace and revive! It may be walks by the lake, a picnic in the park, visit to the beach, exercise, or time away alone to Think and Rest. I will choose and plan time slots in my busy week for peace, relaxation, and rejuvenating physically.

Diet Tip: Vitamin C and D have profound properties that keep our immune system healthy and ward off illness and disease. So grab a Fresh squeezed Orange juice and a morning stroll in the Sun!

Daily Devotional: Psalm 29:11 3 John 1-2 Romans 12:1

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Dose #14: Mental Gain

King Solomon didn’t ask for fame and fortune…He asked for Wisdom. As we seek wisdom and knowledge our mind becomes challenged and intellect builds. God brings Instructors, teachers, and advisors into our midst that we may glean from them and learn. When we accept the word that says iron sharpens iron and practice with patience what it means to have an open heart, mind and teachable spirit; we become lifelong learners. Mentally we become wiser and full of a broad spectrum of knowledge.
Example: To become well rounded and educated requires studying multiple areas and subject topics, roles, and applications. A Master Gardener May need to study all different types of seeds, plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits as well soil grades, fertilizer, weather patterns and elements like heat and light. Doing so will teach and guide you in growing a healthy harvesting garden.

Healthy Choice: Today I can select 1-3 topics I would like to learn about, begin to build my knowledge base and create goals to line up with and strive to finish with a successful outcome.

Diet Tip: Food is Fuel! Never skip breakfast as it jump starts the mind and body entering into your day! A great healthy starter is plain Greek yogurt, organic berries, and nuts with a light drizzle of raw local honey.

Daily Devotional: Hosea 4:62 Chronicles 1:11Proverbs 27:17

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Dose #13: Emotional Stability

One big factor in emotional stability is Trust. When we trust God, we remove our human capabilities of emotional strength and trust that He will calm, soothe, give peace, and make our days and burdens lighter. Trusting Him is very beneficial to our inner peace and confidence. Who or what are you trusting in today?

Example: When you travel by airplane (or train) and anxiety or questioning arises, what do you do? What can settle fears, calm the storm inside, and bring stability overall? Emotional anxiety and imbalance can manifest in stomach aches, nausea, headaches and so forth as a secondary physical reaction. What you choose to focus on can determine the outcome.

Healthy Choice: Today I will decide to trust in the Lord when I experience uncomfortable emotions. I can focus my attention toward prayer and intimate relationship with him knowing I can come boldly before the throne with all of my concerns and petitions. I understand that I was created to rule and reign and with that was given dominion and authority over anything and everything including negative emotions that come against The Design for my life! I can ASK for what I need. I can request that He dispatch angels concerning my welfare. I can ASK that HE calm my storm knowing that even the wind and waves obey Him! Because of who He is and His strength I can be secure that my emotional weakness can become stable and healthy.

Diet Tip: Emotional overeating and indulging can mask symptoms of pain and anxieties thus causing unwanted weight gain that can trigger emotions. Intentionally thinking about meal plans and food choices can positively effect your overall healthy balance.

Daily Devotional: Matthew 11:28 Isaiah 38:7 Hebrews 6:18

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