Trusting and Surrendering your whole heart and your whole life to the Lord is the first Injection for Peace! Today begin thinking of a boundary to apply that will help protect and build your Peace. Setting appropriate boundaries actually increases self-love, worth, and value. This will also increase your ability to care for others. Strong boundaries will strengthen your Peace and guard your heart!

Example: I will choose to incorporate 30 minutes of quiet, uninterrupted personal time into my day in order to create peace in my mind and my spirit.

Healthy Choices: Creating a Daily “Thankful List” of at least 5 things, Time for prayer & meditation, or focusing on goals.

Diet Tip: Drinking 1 cup of Chamomile Tea with honey in the evening can induce emotional peace and help with sleep!

Daily Devotional: Philippians 4:4-7   Proverbs 9:10  1 Peter 5:7